Why we exist

From its founding in 2002, Aqua-Aero Watersystems BV has been working on delivering unique, sustainable solutions for water and sanitation. In doing so, we were rewarded with the World Bank Development Marketplace Price in 2006 and were nominated for a number of other Prices.

Our focus is to deliver easy to operate, simple and smart products that bring substantial benefits for people in developing countries. We apply them ourselves in projects in which we participate ourselves. So, we know how it works in the fields and have shaped the products based on that.

Proof of excellence

More importantly, we are one of the few Dutch companies providing really innovative, simple, unique and effective solutions for water and sanitation issues in developing countries.

Innovations in water technology

Examples of our recent product innovations in water:

  • removing iron, arsenic, fluoride from polluted water can be done using the SuperFloc. A system using 90% less energy than the average Reverse Osmosis;
  • large scale rainwater water storage can be done using foil sheet plastic sheet tank (RainCAP) having capacities up to 70.000 liter. The tanks are flexible, durable and do not rupture upon ground settlements. These tanks are less costly that than existing concrete tanks;
  • sweet water purification using solar driven UV WaterBox systems: an easy to handle, low cost device that both filters out impurities and kills dangerous E-coli and coli-form bacteria.

Innovations in sanitation technology

Since the quality of water is closely related to the issue of hygiene and sanitation from 2011 we also developed a number of unique products in this field: we initiated a new concept increasing food security for farmers through the delivery of high grade compost. The innovative issue here is that we transform human excrement in 100% hygienic compost . The compost is directly used to improve the crop yields and reduce the need to buy/apply artificial fertilizer significantly.

Interested in our approach and products?

Challenge us and expect committed employees supporting you to get your water issues solved.