Rainwater Wall is an excellent energy battery

A recent study, under guidance of the TU Delft, has shown that the Rainwater Wall, normally used to capture and store rainwater from roofs of large buildings, can be used to store energy. The energy -hot water- is generated using solar heat collectors, situated on the roof of a building. The heat within the collector is stored in the water of Rainwater Wall allowing to use hot water when-ever it is needed.

For instance:  pre-heating of water for showers at sports associations; pre-heating of liquids applied in industrial (food)processing, etc. The TU Delft study showed that on average up to 87,5 percent of the energy needed to heat water can be provided using the Rainwater Wall in combination with solar collectors and heat exchangers. Consequently, CO2 emissions normally used for heating can be lowered with the same percentage.

Interested to learn more about this study or how to apply the Rainwater Wall to capture water and energy in your situation?

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