Saline water purification

Reverse Osmosis


Saline water can be purified Reverse Osmosis (RO) Technology. This technique is well established and broadly applied. We applying the technology ourselves in the water shops project we are operating in India. The systems we provide are engineered and based on this experience.

In order to assess which system is best suitable, we normally advise our clients first to examine the feed water in a certified lab. Once it is clear which contaminants and minerals are present in the water source, it can be rapidly assessed what the configuration of the needed RO system should be to deliver the high quality drinking water needed.

Operations and Maintenance

Reverse Osmosis systems can not do without proper regular Operations and Maintenance. The membranes need to be flushed on daily basis, (dosing) pumps have to be checked regularly as well as the need for chemicals to improve the PH, alkalinity etc.

Applying RO systems ourselves extensively, we can support you with practical schemes to improve the O&M and increase the lifetime of the RO system delivered.

Target Groups

In regions were salinity of the water increases 500 TdS and clients are interested to improve the water supply using RO technology. We normally facility clients:

  • In villages, on islands and far off locations;
  • Hotel and Eco-lodges;
  • Small to medium communities, hospitals and schools;
  • Water shops;
  • Emergency & aid situations.


The production of fresh water ranges from 1 m³ to 10 m³ per hour. Upon request larger RO’s can be designed.


Using state of the art membrane technology  removes not only salt but also microbiological impurities. Using state of the art pumping technology and a unique system controller which reduces the energy consumption. The energy needed can be provided using solar panels. The applied techniques are tested and proven.

Benefits RO systems:

  • Durable and robust purification of saline water;
  • Can be operated independent of electrical grid using solar power;
  • Up to 10 m³ of fresh clean drinking water per hour;
  • State of the art technology, robust and secure.

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