AAWS RainWaterWall

In short

The AAWS RainWaterWall is a thin, long tank installed next to blank walls of companies, industrial sites, and/or general buildings and comes in different sizes.

Inside the tank rainwater from nearby roofs can be collected for cleaning, washing and flushing of toilets. Water from this RainWaterWall (RWW) can also be used for gardening and irrigation. Buffering of stored water helps to overcome more frequent drought periods.

Target groups for RWW

The RWW concept is most appealing to:

  • Owners/administrators of commercial buildings and apartment blocks;
  • Sports associations in need for hot water for showering;
  • Industries needing preheated water and liquids (process industry);
  • Professional gardeners, watering courtyards.


Applying the RWW offers:

  • Reduce risk of overflowing due to excessive rainfall;
  • To decouple from communal sewage system when needed;
  • Storage of rainwater to be used for gardening, flushing and cleaning;
  • Lower the water bill and related taxes because rainwater is for free.

Modular, proven and long lifetime

The structure is modular based using galvanized standard steel segments joint together using a proven bolts/nuts system. The tank is made watertight adding a -tailor made- plastic liner resulting in a 100% watertight situation. The lifetime of the RWW is guaranteed for 10 years.


The thickness of the RWW is at least 0,8 meter width, the length is 5-25 meter and the height of the tank ranges up to about 2,3 meter. As such, a RWW is capable of storing 5-50 m³ of rainwater, dependent on local conditions, rainfall patterns and the total area of the roof available.

Flexible set-up 

RWW’s are dimensioned upon ones needs and can be ordered in different colors and tastes. It also can be decided to place a wooden- or flower fence in front of the Water Wall to increase the ‘green’ nature of the structure.


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