We seek enthusiastic volunteers!

AAWS seeks enthusiast volunteers interested to support our social enterprise us on a regular basis especially in the field of marketing, promotion and IT.

What you can expect

What we offer is the opportunity to help expanding our well known social enterprise, delivering high quality sustainable products and services on the international marketplace.  We will share our vision and methodologies with you, give you the freedom to test and deliver your ideas, and challenge you to act in a small team of highly motivated people. Further you will get an idea what is it so start a social enterprise, how it works and how it feels.

What we seek

We enjoy partnering with people intrinsically motivated to make the difference. You are practical, hands on, eager to deliver, and self-propelling. We seek volunteers that are willing and capable to invest at least 4 hours per week in the job for at least 3 months in a row.

Contact us!

Let us know if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Please fill in the contact form and add you English resume in combination with a short letter and send this to info@aaws.nl explaining how you could support us and what we could offer you  to motivate you to the max.