Building Watershops in Gujarat, India

In the Mega City of Ahmadabad we initiated new watershops 6 months ago. Locations were chosen after elaborate selection. We assessed target groups, discussed with local leaders, dug into the need for chilled water, investigated the potential for home delivery and the  willingness to pay cash or use an ATM-water card for the water sales.

Once that was done, water purification technology was installed and tested. Villagers were invited to come and taste the water. We invited woman-groups for discussions and arranged village meetings to explain the need for drinking clean water and the positive influence of that behavior change on one’s health and well being. Then we selected local entrepreneurs to help us distributing this water to our customers and the water sales was started.

Now after 6 months of operations it can be concluded we have been able to boost the water sales month by month. We aim to reach the break-even point as soon as possible and then hand over the watershops to the local communities. To take over the responsabilities from that point.