Sustainable water purification at Greece Refugee Camp

One of the problems at Refugee Camps in Greece is the provision of sufficient volumes of clean safe drinking water to the people. In most cases  the available water in the Camps is often polluted with E-coli and coliform bacteria and thus not drinkable.  In that case the government is providing bottles water. But the numbers of bottles provided are small and the expenses high.

Confronted with this challenge, AAWS designed a the UV WaterBox XL, a simple system able to purify 6.700 litres of water per hour. About 100.000 litres of water can be purified per day  in 15 hours of operation.

On site a hydrophore pumps carries the polluted water through the UV WaterBox XL into the fresh water system of the Camp. The UV system itself consumes only 100 watt/hour and runs at 220 volt.  Spare filter material can be obtained from suppliers in Greece. AAWS trained two local people  to execute the (simple) maintenance that will be needed every now and then.

The pictures give an impression of how the UV WaterBox XL system was installed at the Camp.

Also in need for large volumes of clean safe drinking water at your site? The UV WaterBox might be the solution. Let us know.

gr kinderen 2

gr kinderen 1

gr cleaning tank3

gr install 2

gr training 1