Removal of iron, arsenic, fluoride and bacteria

The SuperFloc for cost effective purification of water



Millions of people from all over the world are drinking water contaminated with pollutants such as iron, fluoride and arsenic. Drinking this type of polluted water regularly can negatively effects people’s health. Causing for instance stomach– and skin problems. But also can result in high blood pressure, headaches and diarrhea. Water contaminated with arsenic is the worst of all: consumption leads to cancer and a significantly increased mortality rate.

The SuperFloc: effective removal of contaminants out of drinking water

The SuperFloc is a new and innovative system purifying drinking water from this types of contamination. Iron, fluoride, arsenic and turbidity can be removed as well as bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The SuperFloc  can be easily operated, is running on solar power, uses and delivers up to 10.000 litres of purified drinking water per day.

Proven technology

SuperFloc systems already have proven their worthiness in the States of Uttarakhand and Orissa, India leading to enthusiastic reactions and repeat orders. We also can supply you with official laboratory tests results indicating that mentioned contamination’s are effectively dealt with.

How the SuperFloc works

Polluted (source) water is routed through an electrolysis cell and automatically mixed with small concentrations of coagulant/flocculant. Pollutants react with these chemicals forming flocs having a higher density that water. The flocs sink down and are removed using an automatic valve system. Bacteria, viruses and protozoa are removed using a small dosing of disinfectant. The refilling of (harmless) chemicals is easy and is only needed once every 4 to 6 months.

Cost of operation and maintenance are largely reduced

Energy cost for operating the SuperFloc are extremely low due of the usage of solar power. Operational cost are further reduced because for operation of the system local caretakers can be hired. It is no longer needed to find and hire a expensive technician to do the job.

 Saving the environment

Running on solar power, the SuperFloc produces no air pollution and no carbon fuels are needed to power the operation. The flocs in the waste water do not contaminate the groundwater and do not pollute the environment because they are inert.

Focusing on community- and village scale water purification projects

Given the capacity of the SuperFloc to deliver 10.000 litres of clean water per day, the system is best applied on community-/village scale projects. Our customers collaborate with (local) Governments, NGO’s and large organisations often having incorporated clean water provision in their CSR strategies.

Income generation using a water ATM and online monitoring

The extended versions of the SuperFloc incorporate a water ATM system allowing consumers to contribute in cash to the water purification. This can result in long term financially sustainable solution which is most beneficial to all stakeholders. Also the option of online monitoring is offered making it easy to track  the water production using a mobile phone.

Find here enclosed the SuperFloc leaflet explaining all about the SuperFloc. And if you are interested to apply the system yourself, let us know.