Reviving water resources in India

Once news agencies such as CNN start reporting that India is suffering a major water crisis, then you know things get serious. Together with our Indian subsidiary Smart Water Solutions we are stepping up activities to help reviving, resorting and rebuilding existing water resources in the State of Maharashtra.

Today, in the city of Amalner, we started the restoration of 17 existing ground water wells in urban environments. Thousands of people living in the surroundings of these wells will benefit from our activities. Apart from well restoration, we undertake smart actions to enhance rainwater harvesting activities considerably and divert the water back into the groundwater aquifer. In addition we also deliver water shops dispersing the water to the villagers at minimal cost to cover expenses for operation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

We aim at delivering a system that can be operated and maintained without financial, technical or operational support from outside organisations, NGO’s or other institutions.

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