Repeat orders from Kenya

In 2016 AAWS delivered a full fledge water project for the Kwale Girls school in Kenya. The objective was to minimize the dependency of the school to buy clean safe drinking. To capture sufficient volumes of rainwater. And to capture so called run-off water to be utilized for gardening and crop growing.

We were happy to receive a message today that all functions are still in full operation after 3 years delivering all the water needed. Every year millions of liters of water are captured and used for consumption, sanitation and agriculture. Our approach resulted in the interest from other schools  to deliver similar type of solutions increasing the resilience of schools to battle droughts and climate change. 

With that message, a new ordered was placed to purify rainwater for one of the schools of the Verkaart Development Team in Kwale. It shows that AAWS is delivering strong and lasting water solutions.