RainWaterWall installed at Kleinstesoepfabriek

Today we delivered a RainWaterWall capable of storing nearly 30 m3 of rainwater captured from the factory roof of Kleinstesoepfabriek (KSF) situated in Leek, Groningen, the Netherlands.

The system is unique in that, for the first time, large volumes of rainwater are captured and utilized in an industrial environment. In total the system is capable of buffering up to 50 m3 of rainwater which is collected from the 2.000 m2 factory roof of KSF. The water is purified using state of the art Hemelswater purification technology which is capable of filtering the water just on gravitational force.

The ultimate goal is to use the purified rainwater as an ingredient for special purpose soups given the fact that rainwater is significantly cleaner than the water provided regularly by the Dutch Utilities. It is not containing impurities such as PFAS, antibiotics, pesticides and salts.