RainCAP XL for large scale rainwater harvesting

The RainCAP XL is used store large volumes of rain water for agriculture- and or drinking purposes. Up to 500-2.500 m³ of rainwater can be stored this way using a combination of sturdy foils-sheets and Geotex materials. If designed well, up to 2,5 millions liters of rain water can be captured per unit and multiple units can be installed if sufficient ground space is available.

Preventing leakage and evaporation

An major advantage of RainCAP XL technique is that water losses due to leakage and evaporation is reduced to zero. In the summer season these losses result in evaporation of water and a decreasing depth of the pond with up to 1 cm per day ( 1 meter per 2,5 month). These losses can be prevented using using the RainCAP XL solution capturing  rain water between foils and storing it long term.

How we work

Dependent on the usage and need for water it is calculated what the minimal catchment area to capture a sufficient volume of rain water. Then roofs made ready to be utilized and self-cleaning rain water filters are installed to remove dirt particles from the water. If roofs are not available, land surface catchment can also be considered, leveling the ground space to route the water to the location were the RainCAP XL structure is installed.

Using the captured rainwater for human consumption?

If the collected rain water is applied for agricultural purposes, water quality is not so much of an issue. If the captured water is however utilized for human consumption,  we strongly advise to install an eco-friendly UV WaterBox filtering system. This system, running on solar power,  takes out 99.99% of the bacteria, viruses and protozoa inevitably coming down with the rain water.


Let us know if you are interested in large scale rainwater harvesting using the RainCAP XL.