Pure rainwater for Kwale Girls High School, Kenya

In November 2015 we started a project to improve the water situation at the Girls High School in Kwale, Kenya. A school with a total population of around 800 girls and their staff. Kwale is blessed with two rain seasons per year, delivering around 800 liters of high quality rainwater per square meter per year. The school was adopted long ago by the Dutch ‘Verkaart Development Team’ and recently the Rook Foundation  offered to deliver financial support to improve the water situation drastically. Education of girls in very important but if there is no good drinking water available, education immediately becomes very difficult!

With the help of AAWS the school will soon become able to collect around 1 million liters of rainwater from 2016 onwards. The collected water will be filtered, stored and purified for human consumption. For that our UV WaterBox will be installed killing all E-coli and coliform bacteria in the collected water. In addition, the existing deep well will be reinstalled to pump more water for consumption once the rainwater storage is empty.

In order to boost the agricultural activities of the school, we will also collect rainwater flushing down  the premises once heavy rains  started. This water is stored in two large rainwater ponds having a total capacity of around 2,5 million liters. The water will be used to boost the agricultural activities of the school.

Once the different water systems are in place the inhabitants of the school will constantly have access to good quality water drinking water. In addition, it is the intention of the school to generate additional income with the sales of water, and to sell vegetables  and fruits that have been grown as a result of having sufficient water for farming as well. This income will be used to maintain the water system and to strengthen the income of the school so that it can improve the education of its girls.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested to find out how we deliver this job in detail.

kwale teachers


kwale school


kwale map