Proof of Concept for Arsenic and Fluoride removal

In countries such as Bangladesh, Kenya and Tanzania contamination of water due to arsenic and fluoride cause major health problems. Although there are ways to treat this type of water contamination, treatment is cumbersome and difficult if not professionally executed.

Last month we delivered the Proof of Concept treating this type of contaminated water: The SuperFloc. The SuperFloc system is based on the principle of improved coagulation and flocculation to remove hazardous minerals out of a water source. Up to 12.000 litres of water can be purified on a daily basis.

The system works fully automatic and can be installed on a stand-alone basis. And of course, a GSM connection is on board of the SuperFloc so that the water production process can be followed online using internet.

Solar panels  power the SuperFloc increasing the ease of operation substantially. For more information of the SuperFloc, click here.

If you are interested to apply the system, just let us know so that we can provide you with more details.