Mijn Waterfabriek distributes RWW

Mijn Waterfabriek, producer of water systems for non-residential construction, companies and consumers, will from now on offer the RainWaterWall (RWW) to its customers.

Johan Bel, director of Mijn Waterfabriek about the collaboration with AAWS: ‘We notice a growing need in the Netherlands to collect and use rainwater. Companies want to contribute to sustainability and the use of rainwater is relatively easy to realize. Normally, rainwater is stored underground in concrete tanks, but there are many situations where this becomes difficult. Especially in urban areas and industrial estates, where space is scarce and expensive, normal concrete ground tanks are not possible to install and thus we were seeking for a good alternative.

That solution is now offered by using the RWW: It is a thin, long and high tank that can easily be placed at ground level for instance along blank walls. The dimensions of the tank can be adjusted to the available space on location. For example, the tank could also be placed in parking basements.

The tank has a modular construction and can contain between 5 and 50m3 of water. After purification, the stored rainwater can be used for instance to flush toilets, wash cars and goods, and water (indoor) gardens.

Johan Bel about these applications: ‘We see that companies are interested in this kind of rainwater solutions for sustainability reasons and to save water. An increasing number of customers want to use rainwater in combination with our purification equipment, a combination that works perfectly.”

Here is a link to the Mijn Waterfabriek page on which the RainwaterWall is offered.