Low cost removal of germs using chlorine/table salt

E-Chlor Dispenser


Sweet water coming from lakes, rivers and ground wells is often polluted with harmful bacteria such as E-coli and coli-form. These pollutants can be killed effectively using chlorine gas produced out of a solution of table salt and water.

The solution: the E-Chlor Dispenser

A new method is available to purify water from bacteria and viruses: The E-Chlor Dispenser. This system makes use of an electrochemical cell producing chlorine gas out of a solution of water and table salt (NACL). The method is easy, reliable and can deliver 2 – 30 m3 water/hour, 100% germ free.

Benefits of E-Chlor Dispenser

The E-Chlor Dispenser can be easily operate and maintained. The table salt used can be acquired at any grocery store at minimal costs. The Dispenser offers the same sanitation performance as when old fashioned manual chlorine liquid is used. Except that you no longer have to buy, transport and store aggressive hypo-chloride solution.

How the E-Chlor Dispenser works

The E-Chlor Dispenser makes use of an electrochemical cell to produce chlorine gas out of a water salt solution. The system is fully automatic and is designed to work continuously for 10.000 hours or 4 years non-stop. The Dispenser is best located parallel in the water feed-line pumping the water from the bore well into e.g. the overhead tank. The energy consumption of the system is 100-300 watt and the device runs on 220V. Once connected,  the E-Chlor Dispenser switches automatically “ON” as soon as the  bore well pump starts pumping water. The Dispenser automatically switches “Off” as soon as the bore well pump stopped pumping. Easy does it.

Are you ready to disinfect your water easily at limited costs?


The E-Chlor Dispenser:

No more spills, odour, stinging eyes or irritated skin

No more buying, carrying, storing or handling chlorine


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