Innovative project in Tanzania to remove fluoride from water

We participate in an NWASH project to purify water heavily polluted with fluoride.  The project consists of modeling, testing and improving of a number of new membranes, developed by the Dutch company i3 Innovative Technologies. The tests will be done in near to Arusha, Tanzania. A region suffering from high concentrations of fluoride in the groundwater.

The picture shows woman in Arusha buying water at a local water shop. These woman are lucky because this water is purified by the Arusha Water Company. Unfortunately only 30% of the people in Arusha have this type of access. The other 70% of the people do not have another option than to drink the heavily contaminated water.

Aim of our NWASH project is to showcase the new membrane configuration which ideally should be installed on each and every roof of African households suffering from poor quality drinking water.  Apart of the ease with which these membranes can be installed, also the efficiency of the membranes to purify water appears to be impressively high which results in a lesser cost of the final product for local people to buy.

AAWS  supports the project using its experience in executing  high tech water experiments in Africa and other parts of the world. Other partners in the project are the Technology institute TNO, the social company BoP Inc and the Dutch NGO SNV. Muwasa and Mosuma, the urban water supply and sewage authority in Arusha are our Tanzanian partners.


collector to be used in Arusha

multi distilled membranes