Have a sip! Recycling waste water into drinking water

In the North of Gujarat, India, drinking water is scarce and of poor quality. Water tables are dropping and people and companies are facing increasing problems to fulfil their water needs. One of the larger Dairy farms of Gujarat, Banas Dairy, is facing these problems at large because in  their production process large volumes of water are needed.

It would be most effective to recycle this water. About 1.500.000 litres per day, equivalent to the volume of a swimming pool with dimensions of 30*20 meter and 2,5 meter deep. But due to contamination the effluent is released into the environment up to now.

In cooperation with Banas Dairy we are going to solve this problem. |We will demonstrate that the effluent water from the production plant can be treated to become both healthy safe drinking water and can be recycled in the production process.