First foil sheet septic tank installed

With increasing need for sanitation the demand for septic tanks grows. Up till now septic tanks are installed using quite a bit of concrete, stones and sand making them costly build. Also installation of a septic tanks is time consuming: it takes about 1 week to properly deliver a tank. Finally, selection of well trained masons is often a challenge. In the end, the tank reduce the bacterial load of the effluent considerably. Such that no danger exists any longer for humans, animals and the environment.

Costly materials, lengthy delivery time and insufficient knowledge triggered us to develop an innovative ‘septic tank solution’. We developed a foil sheet tank instead of a concrete one. A tank that provides maximum reduction of BOD- and COD-levels of the effluent. No special knowledge is needed for installation, hardly any concrete is needed and the foil sheet septic tank can be installed in less than 4 hours’ time.

An additional advantage is that the foil sheet septic tank can be used at locations with high water tables and locations prone to flooding. The foil sheet septic tank is water tight and waste water inside the septic tank will not come into contact with the surroundings during such an event.

One of our partners in India, the housing NGO MHT-Sewa, was immediately interested to test this innovative approach. Together we decided to execute a demonstration project in the slums of Amalner, Maharashtra. Here thousands of septic tanks are needed to reduce the bacterial load coming from the many already installed family latrines.

The pictures display the installation of the foil sheet model in Amalner: we called it the Dutch Septic Tank (DST). The system is presently tested and once fully proven, the DST will be officially introduced and taken into production.

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