Evaluation UV WaterBox in Senegal: water perfectly clean

Recently an independent consultant investigated the impact of the UV WaterBox performance installed in Senegal.

The investigations involved bacteriological testing of the water in an official water lab. Also qualitative issues were taken into account during interviews held with our customers. Questions such as: ‘do you like the taste and smell of the water’ were posed to find out if the customers were satisfied with the water service delivered.

This picture shows one of our regular customers in Walalane Senegal

The consumers we, as the consultant noted, very positive on both the quality and taste of the water. In the French written Impact Report it was states as follows :

La perception des populations par rapport à la qualité de l’eau de l’unité de traitement est très bonne dans l’ensemble. En effet, les résultats de l’enquête montrent que pour les consommateurs, leur appréciation par rapport au goût et à l’apparence de l’eau est unanime. A leur avis, l’eau est douce et limpide à 100% des réponses notées ».

The water lab results on the water produced are shown hereafter:


Eau Brut

Eau traité


Coliformes totaux




Coliformes fécaux




Streptocoques fécaux




If you are struggling with bacteriological contaminated water, the UV WaterBox might be able to solve your problems as well/ We use simple, durable technologies and solar power so that the device can be operated independently of the electrical grid.

For more information on the UV WaterBox or on the study mentioned, let us know!


Evaluation WaterBox