The EnergyWaterWall (EWW) or how to lower the energy bill

The EWW is an energy battery able to store thermal energy in a large-scale water boiler. The energy is provided by sun-collectors, situated on adjacent roofing. The EWW water boiler is well isolated and once the heat is trapped inside the EWW it can be used, later for all kinds of heating purposes needed in the nearby premises. Such as heating of buildings, heating of water for showering or cleaning, etc.

Target groups

  • Sports clubs;
  • Utility buildings with central heating systems;
  • Process Industry applying energy intensive processes.

Particularly of interest for sports clubs

The EWW can be successfully applied at sports clubs, because large amounts of energy captured during the day, can be reused for instance in the evening hours to heat water for showering and support heating of the canteen and dressing rooms. In this way a lot of energy can be saved, bringing down the energy- and gas bill considerably.

Reduce your energy bill and increase the sustainability of your organisation.


  • Lowering of the energy bill;
  • Reduction of dependency on gas for heating purposes;
  • Reduction of CO2 emission;
  • Increasing the sustainability of your property.

Technical characteristics of the EWW

The EWW is a thin, modular based tank, built on demand and located next to blind walls of utility buildings having a central heating system, sports clubs, energy intensive industries etc. The thermal energy captured in the EWW is transferred for pre-heating of other heaters using a set of heat exchangers..


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