Energy recovery for KNVB football clubs


Nothing is more refreshing that taking a hot shower after having played a soccer match. But heating of water requires a lot of energy which is mostly provided burning expensive gas.

To reduce the amount of gas needed for heating the water AAWS developed the EnergyWaterWall (EWW) which is installed for organizations such as football clubs to lower the gas need substantially. The EWW  is a large, thin, water boiler filled with 5 to 25 m3 of water. The water is heated during the day using solar collectors. Once hot water is needed, the energy is transferred to the water that is used for showering.

In doing so, the gas bill is lowered substantially: reductions of 20%-40% can be expected dependent on the specific conditions.

Before installation of the EWW, we offer to execute an ETG-Quickscan to understand the energy need of the organization. The scan provides insight in the energy patterns of the specific organization and based on that it was assess which set of measures can be best implemented to reduce the energy bill of the organization.


Knowing that hundreds of football clubs in the Netherlands are struggling with high energy cost, the KNVB invited ETG/AAWS to deliver ‘Quickscans’ for football clubs in the Netherlands. At present we are scanning these clubs and results are offered to the clubs based on which the organizations decide which route is best taken to lower the energy cost to the max.

For instance: for one of the clubs provided by the KNVB the ETG consultants calculated that the need for gas can be brought down to zero within 6-8 years taking into account a number of measures including installation of an EWW.

If your club is interested in lowering the energy bill drastically and start with a Quickscan, to understand the present situation of your football club and install an EWW once calculations have proven that installation is beneficial, let us know!

ETG Quickscan

The ETG Quickscan is based on a unique energy model developed by the Energy Transition Group (ETG) and based on thermodynamic theory. The Quickscan provides insight in the energy needs of football clubs and provides answers on how to lower the energy need significantly.