Emergency Water Purifier sachets

When rapid cleaning of dirty water is needed


Emergency Water Purifier ™ (EWP) sachets are developed to support people in emergency situations to rapidly purify contaminated water into safe clean drinking water. EWP sachets are used to remove dangerous viruses, bacteria, and protozoan. Also turbidity and metals such as iron, mercury and arsenic. Also fluoride is  purged from the water. It takes only 1,5 minutes of the EWP content into the contaminated water to obtain a maximum effect of purification.

How does it work?

Just add the content of a EWP sachet into 10 litres of contaminated water. Next stir the water vigorously during 1,5 minutes. Result: muddy water becomes clear, disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa are removed and heavy metals are removed within 30 minutes time. Dirt particles flock together and sink to the bottom of the bucket. If the water has some floating debris, a filter (cotton cloth) placed on the clean bucket can be used to remove them. If no floating debris is found, the water can be immediately poured into the storage bucket. Make sure not to pour the precipitate out of the mixing bucket. The treated water in the storage bucket is fit for human consumption.

Benefits of the EWP sachets

  • Excellent removal of bacteria (99,999%), protozoan (99,9%) and viruses (99,999%);
  • Very effective removal of fluoride-, iron-, arsenic- and mercury contamination;
  • Mixing time is only 1,5 minutes;
  • A long shelf life of over 3 years.

Rapid mixing, longer shelf life and removing more metals

The EWP mixture combines the effective treatment of approved calcium hypochlorite in combination with modern inorganic coagulants to treat the water effectively. As a result the mixing time is reduced from 5 min. to 1,5 min. only The shelf-life of EWP sachets is remarkably long, up to 3 years. Last difference with competitors is that after treatment with the EWP sachets, a broader range of heavy metals is removed  resulting in a positive effect on people’s health. EWP sachets simply are doing a better job for the same costs.

Taste of treated water and types of water to be treated

The treatment does not affect the taste of the water.  Only some minor taste of chlorine can be present proofing that the disinfectant inside the sachets is working. Except for salt water, all types of muddy– and clear  water containing dangerous bacteriological-, chemical- and physical contamination can be treated using the EWP sachets

Proof of quality

We are in the process of getting the sachets approved by the WHO and other independent International approved test laboratories. Please let us know if you are interested in the detailed water test reports so far obtained.

More info needed and interested in the Emergency Water Purifier ™ ?

For more information, see this leaflet  and video. Do not hesitate to contact us.