Delivering durable water solution for hospital in Philippines using RainCatcher

On Tacloban island in the Philippines, drinking water issues will be tackled using our RainCatcher concept. The project is executed in close collaboration with the Philippine Aid Fund, a Dutch NGO striving to improve the living conditions for Filipinos in the eastern part of the country.

The RainCatcher concept combines rainwater harvesting methods and state-of-the-art water purification- and water storage techniques to solve the water issue’s.

The roofs of the Salcedo Hospital will be utilized used to capture rainwater and solar panels will be used to power the UV filters purifying the water for human consumption.

On yearly basis more than 1.000.000 liters will be captured in a fully closed galvanised water tank. About 25% of this volume, about 250.000 liters, will be purified for drinking needs of the hospital patients, the working staff, and the visiting guests. The other part of the water is to be used for domestic cleaning and washing purposes.

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