Click&Fix water tank

A  new tank concept

The Click&Fix water tank is a free-standing tank made from galvanized 1 mm steel plates of a standard length and height. The flat plates have an innovative connection system, making it possible to rapidly build and deliver this type of water tank. The Click&Fix water tank differs significantly from the conventional steel plate water tank construction which uses pre-formed, corrugated steel plates in combination with many nuts and bolts.



The Click&Fix tank offers the following benefits:

  • Produced at lower costs because fasteners and rolling of steel are no longer required
  • Rapidly installed and lower installation costs, no need to fit and tighten hundreds of nuts and bolts
  • Total Cost of Ownership are significantly reduced because storage- and transportation costs are significantly reduced as a result of ingenious and compact design.
  • Applied reducing the impact on the environment: less materials are needed; weights are reduced and transportation can be done more

Range of dimensions Click&Fix water tanks

Click&Fix water tanks with storage capacities ranging from 10 to 80 m3 are available.

Comparison of the overall cost Click&Fix tank versus corrugated water tank

Comparison of the Total Cost of Ownership (TC) of a Click&Fix water tank versus the TCO related to ‘old fashioned’ corrugated steel sheet water tanks suggest that application of the Click&Fix water tanks lowers the cost of water storage with 20 and 30 percent.

Patented technology

A patent is granted. This will possibles for potential producers and distributors to invest in production, marketing, and sales of this new generation tanks.


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