55 million litres water purified using SuperFloc

Over the last 2,5 years SuperFloc’s have been installed at 24 different locations in the States of Orissa and Uttarakhand, India, purifying heavily polluted water and make it fit for human consumption.

At these locations pollutants such iron and bacteria are removed from the water source using a combination of disinfection, coagulation and flocculation. In doing so, the water is effectively cleaned and ready for consumption. The taste remains unchanged and people are willing to purchase the water at the cost of about 1 Rupee/litre (1,2 euro cent) .

One SuperFloc purifies 3.000 to 5.000 litres of clean drinking water per day. Using this technology so far about 55 million litres of polluted water were cleaned. Apart from iron and bacteria, SuperFloc’s can be also used to clean water from harmfull minerals such as arsenic, fluoride and mercury.

At this point we can safely state that SuperFloc’s can be operated in a financial sustainable way: the income obtained with water sales matches the cost related to training, operations/maintenance and depreciation.

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