3R water conservation for Amalner city, India

Major parts of India are suffering these days from drought, decreasing ground water levels and increasing waste water problems. Maybe these problems are interrelated and if so, what can be done to solve these issues in such a way that ground water levels will  rise  again and waste water is no longer dumped into the environment?

AAWS executed a comprehensive water conservation study for the Indian Mahila Housing Sewa Trust (MHT). In Amalner, a city in the State of Maharashtra, the Trust is supporting families in slums to improve their lives.

To achieve that, first of all the water conditions have to be improved for which the support of AAWS was demanded. In short, we advised to focus on Recharging of depleted water bearing layers, advocated effective Reuse of waste water which presently is dumped in the nearby river, and made a stand for Retention of the existing water resources.

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