10 Water shops operating successful

The water shop project that we started in June 2014 in Gujarat India has proven to be successful. In May 2014 we produced about 120.000 liters of fresh water in the water shops. The water shops are located  10 small villages in the Anand district, province Gujarat, India.

In these shops we purify saline water to become fresh clear drinking water. For that we are using fully automated RO systems  equipped with a GSM module to report permanently on the condition of the plant. Villagers pay 0,5 eurocent/liter  for the fresh drinking water using debit cards that can be recharged locally in the nearby grocery shop.

Operations and maintenance

Operations and  maintenance are done by a local Indian organization. In the villages we work with a network of local Indian entrepreneurs.

Scaling up the concept

Based on the results we collected the past couple of months we are now working to scale up the concept to 200 water shops in the coming 2 years. The proof of the pudding is in scaling up the concept.

More information?

Interested to learn more about this project or want to help setting up new water shops in Gujarat? Please visit the project page for more information about this project.

The water shop project Gujarat, India