10 water shops & business model delivered in India

Unique project

In December 2014 we delivered 10 water shops for the BoP in India having the following features:

1.       Water is sold at a price of 0,35 INR or 0,0047 euro per liter;

2.       Water is desalinated using state of the art Reverse Osmosis technology;

3.       The shops are fully automated;

4.       Customers are using and automatic billing system to pay for the water.


Local analysis and business model are basis for sustainable solution

The water shops were installed after that an analysis of the local water situation showed that a viable business model could be applied. This model was discussed with the local community and once a agreement was reached installation of the water shop was started.

Clients in first month

Having installed  10 water shops now, 1300 clients have started to use our service.

Our partners

The project is executed in close cooperation with our Dutch business partners Cordaid, our the Indian business partner EPGL Pvt Lmt. and the local Indian Government.