Building WaterShops in India


Started July 2016, we installed automated water shops  in small villages in Gujarat, India. Normally people living in these villages drink poor quality brackish water, but these water shops produce fresh purified drinking water increasing the wellbeing and health of the people significantly.

People pay a small sum for the tapped water using a debit card. That makes payment easy and cheap as villagers pay ½ eurocent per liter purified water.  For them it is the first time that fresh water becomes available 24 hours a day at prices that are well affordable, given the fact that a cup of tea costs about 7 eurocent. This video gives you an impression of how our watershops works in reality.

Financial sustainable model

Watershop are operated on a financial sustainable basis. To minimize the risks, donors, beneficiaries, (local) governments and companies team up to generate investments for watershops within the program. Next, watershops are build, a social marketing campaign is executed and the sales of water to villagers starts. Income is generated from day one and after one year of operations sufficient income is obtained to make good for operations and maintenance of that shop.

Invitation to adopt a watershop

Companies and organizations are invited to adopt one of more watershop in our program. The impact of your donation is impressive: Per day about 5.000 liters of clean water are produced, resulting per year in the production of 1.75 million liters of drinking water. Given an average consumption of 3 liters/person per day, on average about 1.600 people can be fully served per day as a result of your generosity.

If you are interested to join us in delivering clean water to the needed in India, let us know!

The project partners

The project is executed in close partnership with the Dutch NGO Cordaid and Indian partners who are supporting us both in operations/maintenance of the shops  with the local distribution of the water within the villages. In the villages we work with local entrepreneurs playing an essential role in creating awareness among the people and providing the essential local support.