SuperFloc for removal of arsenic, fluoride, iron, turbidity and bacteria



Millions of people from all over the world have no other option than to drink contaminated water. Water polluted with fluoride, arsenic, Iron and bacteria. Drinking this water seriously effects people’s health: painful joints, skin problems, brittle bones, headaches, diarrhea and stomach problems occur. Pregnant woman, babies and the elderly are most vulnerable. Water contaminated with arsenic is the worst of all: consumption leads to infertility, cancer and increases the mortality rate.


The SuperFLoc: for simple and effective removal of contaminants

An innovative, new and effective method has been developed to effectively purify water from fluoride, arsenic, iron, nitrates & turbidity as well as pathogenic contaminates, protozoa, bacteria and viruses. The system, called the SuperFloc, is fully automated, works independently and delivers 5.000 to 10.000 liters of pure drinking water per day.

How does the SuperFloc work?

The incoming polluted water is continuously mixed with harmless chemicals. The automatic mixing causes coagulation and flocculation of the impurities. The flocs sink down and are automatically removed using a valve system to release the harmless inert residue. The remaining water is fit for human consumption.

Friendly for the environment

The flocculated sediments are disposed of automatically  to the ground using a valve. The sediments are inert and thus will not damage the groundwater table or the environment.

Target groups

The system is developed to purify water specifically on the scale of communities, villages, schools, clinics/hospitals and all larger organizations consuming 5-10 m³ or a multiple of this volume per day.

Easy to operate and maintain & independant of electrical supply

The SuperFloc system is fully automated and can be operated and maintained with limited skills. Refilling of chemicals is done every 2-3 months using a hand pump which is delivered as integral part of the system. The electrical power is delivered through a solar panel of 150 watt in combination with a battery to purify water 24/7.

Income generation using a water ATM

The purified drinking water can be dispensed to consumers using a water ATM system. This system makes it possible to let consumers contribute to the purification process to deliver a long term financially sustainable solution.

More information and interested?

Find here enclosed the SuperFloc leaflet explaining all about the SuperFloc. And if you are interested to apply the system yourselve, let us know.